Brining Floor plans to life!

We all live in a very visual world and it is becoming increasingly difficult these days to do anything without some sort of visual assistance.

Developers have historically struggled to sell off plan without visuals, no one wants to buy something that they have not seen.  Unless you are in the industry it is hard to visualise what the end result will look like by just looking at the architectural drawings.  

London58 has successfully overcome this obstacles for Developers and Estate Agents over the last few years.  CGI was so often reserved for larger developments and is still seen as a very expensive option but it need to not be.

On average the cost is between £150 to £300 per image depending on the complexities at hand.  

But it is not just about creating an image in order to sell, we take it one step further…because we can and have the skillset to offer this to all our clients.

During the briefing meeting with the developer we usually find out a little more i.e. who the target market is, what look the developer is trying to achieve etc.   With many of our clients we are also engaged to create a concept for the interiors and garden landscaping and through mood boards we are able to get a mood board setup that will attract the specific target market in the geographical area.  

We then find the products and add them to the mood board for each room and cover things from the flooring to the window dressing and light switches.  By putting the detail in at the front it gives the CGI visuals a realistic feel that is properly space planned and dressed.

Once the development has been built the show house is easily dressed as it has already been ‘dressed’ through CGI several months ago.

CGI enables everyone to see what the end result will look like before the foundations have even been poured.  

Some 85% of our clients engage us from the start, we create the brand, logo, brochure, website and CGI for them.  Our clients are able to get Estate Agents involved from an early point, something they would not have been able to do had they not engaged our services.

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