Every Centimetre Counts

Since Brexit became the “it” words, to some a beacon of hope and to others it conjured up feelings of utter despair. Through the media attention the word became synonymous with the word crisis and for quite a few months later the property industry was struggling and estate agents were worried. The tides are shifting but what Brexit has not done is lowered the capitals property values.

Every estate agent has three extremely powerful tools to their disposal when they show a house to a potential tenant or buyer.

1. Have better and more photos than the competition to showcase the property
2. Have a detailed and accurate floor plan
3. The ability to sell

Our specialism falls within the first two items listed and by understanding the estate agents needs we provide them with only the best – we are the ammunition the front line teams need to not only let and sell properties but to win instructions from potential landlords and vendors.

Like with any company, what makes us unique and so effective is a closely guarded secret but our systems and in-depth knowledge of the estate agency industry allow us to deliver the best for the best in the industry.

Whether Londoners are buying for the first time or are avid property investors who know the industry inside out, they all have one thing in common, they all want to know what their money can buy them and this is why we at London58 invest in the best technology to measure every angle within a property. Our floor plans are drawn with absolute precision and are RICS (http://www.rics.org/uk) approved – the gold standard when it comes to floor plans.

For most individuals space counts but in London every centimetre counts and we make sure that our floor plans are accurate and allow the estate agents to sell and let their properties with confidence.

The property industry might change tomorrow and Brexit might bring about more change but the fact remains that the London property market is and always has been in high demand.