Gardens with attitude

It is a well known fact that London is not synonymous for space – especially garden space. For those keen on a bit of garden space one must either be wealthy, inherited a property or contemplate live in the countryside.

According to RightMove statistics, more than 65% of West London homeowners are looking at properties outside London.

The garden dilemma is not new and as the London skyline changes over the coming years the dilemma will keep on rearing its head.

There is however a solution to hand, an innovative one at that.
Living walls also called Vertical Gardens make an appearance more and more in West London. Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush, W12 have an entire walkway featuring a living wall and water fountain and apartments or houses with small patios are opting for this green solution.

The London58 design team are currently working with CGI artists to show an international developer what their units will look like if they were to introduce living walls in their basement light wells.

The Guardian reports that house prices have peaked and will have to come down due to the fact that demand in London is not what it use to be – for the moment anyway. Which in turn means that any developer working on current projects will have to be creative and not only create wonderful apartments and/or houses but also provide value for money.