Hanging in there

If you are an avid Pinterest enthusiast or a creative that enjoys being inspired by all things creative then this innovative idea will grab your attention.

The Dutch are known for the variety of cheeses they produce, not to mention windmills and Wooden Klompen or Clogs to you and I. But what Fedor van der Falk created is hanging beauty in a varied manner.

These pieces of art are created by using a crochet filled with plaster, soil and grass and out of these grow the most amazing plants.

What does this mean for you?

Space in London is limited and the team at London58 are constantly presented with new challenges to make space work in a more creative yet functional way. We want to help you create an environment that you enjoy being in. Ultimately your home should be your sanctuary.

Here we show you how you are able to transform even the smallest space in your property into a botanic revelation by literally suspending your garden from the ceiling.

We would suggest you create different levels and layers of plans by hanging each plant on a different level but also using plans of different shapes and sizes.

Van der Falk created something beautiful but you do not need to fly to Amsterdam to pick up your hand crafted gems.

Here is what you need:

  • Select a few of your favourite plants, go for a white and green theme or be bold with colours and lush greenery like ferns.
  • You want to create a clay of sorts by using a 7:3 ratio peat moss and bonsai soil, Akedama. Mix the moss and soil together by adding water until you have a clay consistency.
  • Have water soaked Sphagnum moss ready, this moss will make sure that your roots remain most.
  • Have your cotton thread or fishline ready
  • Have some Sheet moss ready too.
  1. Loosen the soil from the roots of your plants and once done dip the roots in water
  2. Take enough Sphagnum moss to wrap around the roots and squeeze out excess water. Wrap the moss around the roots and tie together with cotton thread. The thread will disintegrate and the roots will spread into the soil.
  3. Shape the Peat moss and put it around the roots, the size of a grapefruit and then split the ball in half and put the roots in the middle and join both sides of the ball again and re-shape.
  4. Now cover the ball with your Sheep moss and have your string close, we suggest fishing line as it is see-through. Wrap the line around the moss until it feels sturdy and secure.
  5. Once you are ready it is time to hang your creations up – have fun and keep on exploring
  6. Once a week you can either soak your hanging garden in water for 10-15 minutes or spray the base of the plants with water regularly.