In Order to be irreplaceable one must always be different

Wise words by Coco Chanel, words to live by and living in London you can see who lives by those words and who doesn’t.

Taking a walk down Bond Street in the West End you soon come to realize that most of those boutiques must have received the memo by Coco Chanel back in the day as each of these boutiques are unique and different in their own right.

We might not a fashion house but we are a design house that lives by Coco Chanel’s wise words and those very words we instill in everything we do.

Working day in and day out with estate agents and property developers we try and take our clients on the journey of how creativity and business need to merge in order to have a successful sale.

Return on investment is key but neither developers nor estate agents will reap the benefits if they are trying to sell units that are not marketed correctly.

The dream needs to be sold well and if you have a development launch with more than 50 people attending you have done something correctly.

The partnership between the developer and the estate agent is paramount but without a product that is attractive you will not be able to sell anything and before you know it you will be offering incentives or agree to a price drop – which is counter productive.

London58 is currently working with a developer based abroad and have been tasked to create a brand accompanied with a brochure, CGI images, photos, compelling copy and a website to sell a dream.  A dream that only exists on paper as the units have not even been built yet.

The overall brand and design has attracted interest already and offers have been made to purchase units off-plan already – that is when you know you have the right synergy with the design agency, the developer and the right agency.

The choice is yours, do you invest in creating something that is one of a kind or do you hope for the best?