Incredible design peaks human interest

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that we as humans have the following needs starting at the base of the pyramid you have Physiological followed by Safety, Love/belonging, Esteem and right at the top you have self-actualisation.

Which brings me to my next point, why do you buy the things you buy?

Some of it feeds into Maslow’s theory but all too often design (if done well) almost adds another layer into the pyramid, called Desire/Want and although these can be often superficial desires/ wants/needs it transforms our behaviour when it comes to buying items.

For those who are familiar with Bond Street in the West End you will know that when you take a walk down there your senses are peaked, your eyes see beautiful design, striking images, wafts of perfumes when you walk into Versace or Prada and before long you will hear yourself utter the words “I need to buy those shoes” or “I need a new summer outfit” and immediately your desires become needs.

We do the same in London58 for our clients, we work on the magic formula that stimulates the senses and grab attention through packaging a service or product up, adding striking designs to the services and products and make the item feature in Maslow’s theory in some way.

Ultimately, clients want to see return on investment and we are tasked with making sure the target market notices the service or product our clients have. Thus we only work with the best graphic designers, CGI artists and web developers in the industry to make sure that what we create is the best in the market place.

Recently we worked with a property developer in Acton, W3 who bought a parcel of land and was planning to build several luxury but wanted to peak buyers interest before the building work started. We were tasked to create a brand for the development and to sell the dream visually on the hoarding around the site.

We started with colours and by consulting with the property developer we knew what they wanted and did not want and from there we helped with the interior design and made sure that we bring Bond Street to West London.

Whatever your opinion is on design in general, you cant ignore it. It is part of our every day life and by choosing to ignore it you are also losing out on potential clients. Perhaps thirty years ago design was not that important but in this day and age we live in a visual world and you need to be part of that world.