Lasting Apparel

Working with clients closely on projects you start to get to know them and their ways of thinking.

One of the projects we recently finished with involved a west London developer keen to make the property stand out and the overriding colour scheme that was suggested initially was maroon, grey and ivory – three elements I would not usually want to combine thus suggesting alternatives.

The same goes with furniture, the same developer wanted the space to feel comfortable and for the show home to exude style and comfortable modern living but the furniture that was suggested was clunky, too dark and did not match the overall colour scheme.

In theory it is not that hard to combine all these factors but in reality you need an eye for things and we are often confronted with developers suggesting they can buy everything from Ikea or Argos without instructing us – the difference is that once you have bought those items, someone will buy the dressed property at some point and they will either buy the furniture with the property or ask you to remove all the furniture – which puts most developers in a pickle if they have to remove items.

The above mentioned development was professionally dressed in the end which resulted in the properties selling faster and the individuals buying the properties wanted to buy the furniture too – which is the ideal situation.

Yes, the initial outlay might be relatively steep to hire us and to buy or hire the chosen furniture but when a property sells at asking price before the launch has even taken place you know you have sold the dream well and the return on investment (ROI) for a developer is achieved.

Ultimately, the developer chooses if they wish to spend the money but too many times have we seen properties with oversized furniture with the wrong colour scheme that sit on the market for a while.  You are better off not to dress a space and let potential buyers or tenants use their imagination.

The saying ‘less is more’ is very apt in this situation and so is ‘You buy cheap you buy twice’.

A consultation costs you nothing other than your time – take a moment and speak with an expert.