Seeing is believing

Close your eyes and try and imagine what the new development down the road will look like…

Is your mind filled with exciting design concepts or is it filled a blank followed by “What new development?”

That is exactly what we want you to imagine.

You do not have to close your eyes to have this revelation but when it comes to developments developers are often focuses on there here and now making sure the ROI is worth the time being spent on the project.

Ultimately the buyer or investor wishes to see what their money is buying them especially if they are not based in London or the UK.

This is where the creative mind steps in – the team at London58 sit down with the developer get a brief of what is to be done and then the magic starts taking place.

It is at this point that it feels like the Hadron Collider – ideas come to life and it all starts with only a floor plan or an architectural plan the team conjure up what a development will look like and slowly start finding furniture and accessories that will form part of the CGI (Computer Generated Images) images and at the same time the team start researching the area to find inspiration to create a brand that is sympathetic to the development and the area.

The end result being that before a single brick is even laid down the team would have captured the imagination of those locally, nationally and internationally which ultimately makes the selling process easier.

With the help of London58, all developments have sold at 98% of the asking price in west London.

The London58 team help Estate Agents and Developers across London and Internationally and cover areas such as Ealing, Chiswick, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Brook Green, Acton, Chelsea, Notting Hill, Holland Park, Surrey, Ireland and South Africa.

Have the right team on your side when you start a project.