The Bees Knees

Does the name Wolfgang Buttress mean anything to you?

Perhaps the name resonates with you dating back to the 2015 Milan Expo in the UK.

West London is due to see The Hive come to life in due course and will be open to the public from July to November according to Kew Gardens in West London.

This impressive 17 metre high abstract honey comb structure is lined with 1,000 LED luminaires which light up and showcase the activity of a bee colony.

Not only is this structure a visual sensation but sound is also part of the experience.  Musicians play alongside the humming of bee sounds which in essence is an experience not to be missed.

From a design point of view, the Hive is impressive and has captured the imagination of the London58 design team.

Co-owner of London58, Rudolph Diesel adds: “What is remarkable about this structure is that is an educational experience all-round but for any designer it does so much more, it captivates a part of your mind that allows you to push the boundaries of your own creativity allowing you to break away from conventional ideas.”

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